The Epic Story

The Epic Story

After enjoying the benefits of lightweight, well-designed racing equipment, it was a shock to us the first time we paddled with heavy, unrefined touring kayaks and paddles. We thought, "Why can't modern technology be used to build better touring equipment?" We've paddled the equivalent of six times around the world with 70 years combined experience in all water conditions.

Our passion for paddling and knowledge of high-performance racing technology is contained in every Epic-designed kayak and paddle. Our models are optimized for ease of handling, efficiency in the water, and to be extremely lightweight.

Whether you're a beginning recreational paddler or a highly competitive racer, our equipment will improve your paddling experience. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

See you on the water!

Greg Barton - 2X Olympic Gold Medalist
Oscar Chalupsky - 11X World Molokai Champion